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Benefits of Tea Tree Oil
Uses for Tea Tree Oil
Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

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Tea Tree Oil

Tea Tree Oil has natural antiseptic properties and does not burn the skin, making it highly desirable as a natural remedy in shampoo and body care products.  The Australian Aborigines have known about and  used the antiseptic properties of Tea Tree Oil for hundreds of years.  Named by Captain James Cook when he first visited Australia in 18th century, the use Tea Tree Oil is again growing in popularity, completing the circle and returning us to nature.  Also See: Products For Hair Loss  

Benefits of Tea Tree Oil

Skin problems may be related to the uncontrolled growth of bacteria, fungi or viruses. By reducing & limiting the growth of unwanted bacteria it is possible to reduce symptoms and maintain a healthy skin by keep its natural balance. Uses for Tea Tree Oil Tea Tree Oil reduces & controls the growth of foreign bacteria without destroying the natural skin flora. That is why skin care products enriched with Tea Tree Oil will maintain the skin's natural balance & result in a healthy skin.


Tea tree oil is used almost exclusively externally. A patch test **  is advisable before using items containing tea tree oil because in high concentrations tea tree oil can cause irritation and some individuals may experience hypersensitivity since it can be allergenic.

Tea tree oil is toxic if ingested, even if taken in moderate doses. The oil should never be taken by mouth, as even small amounts could be dangerous. Data on oral tea tree oil toxicity in humans are sparse aside from several anecdotal reports of toxic effects following oral ingestion  Symptoms may include ataxia, dizziness, nausea and disorientation. Coma may result from higher doses. The use of tea tree oil in oral products like toothpaste is considered safe as long as the tea tree oil is not ingested and it is not accessible to small children.

** patch test (one way to do a patch test is to dab a small amount of the product you are testing on a q-tip or other cotton swab and and make a small (dime size) circle behind your earlobe - leave on -  if you observe redness, swelling or have other allergic reaction wash off and do not use the product)

Best Scalp Care today:
Start with the best scalp care basics see --> Basic Scalp Care on the Hair Matters Web Site. We have found that reviewing scalp care DO's and DONT's (found at the bottom of the Basic Scalp Care page) solves over 90% of scalp related problems.

If you want a shampoo to give you a "jump start" that also helps help with scalp problems try Scalp Therapy Shampoo by Soma Hair Products.  This shampoo is ordered not only by folks in the United States, but we ship it, by the case to many other countries around the world. Soma Scalp Therapy Shampoo

Scalp Therapy Shampoo for all hair types

Get relief from itching, irritation, redness, flaking or scaling associated with Dandruff or Psoriasis.
The active ingredient used is long-time proven coal tar liquid (2% strength). Although Scalp
Shampoo works exceptionally well on scalp irritations, its unique formulation is very gentle on
your hair. It will not strip or stain your color and is designed to maintain and encourage the
health of your hair.
It doesn't smell like mom's apple pie but it surely works well.


Tea Tree Shampoo

| Tea Tree Shampoo by Jingles | Tea Tree Shampoo by American Crew |

 Tea Tree Shampoo by Jingles

Order Tea Tree Shampoo by Jingles

For all hair types, especially those with dry, flaky scalp.
Concentrated Tea Tree Oil helps clean the hair and scalp of impurities. This deep cleansing, stimulating shampoo will leave the scalp feeling invigorated, non-flaky and hair revived and soft.
Available in 16oz/ 450ml and 32oz

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Tea Tree Shapoo - American Crew Tea Tree Shampoo

Tea Tree Shampoo by American Crew

Order Tea Tree Shampoo by American Crew


Moisturizing cleanser for hair & scalp. Using a blend of herbs & natural oils, Tea Tree Shampoo cleanses & treats both scalp & hair. Hair is restored & conditioned.

Sorry No Longer Available

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