Professional Hair and Spa Products

Rich Botanical Formulations to condition and nourish the hair and Scalp.

ALL-NUTRIENT products are formulated with ‘renewable rainforest resources.’ We are dedicated to the prevention of the planet’s rainforests and support the development of sustainable ecosystems through managed

harvesting of botanical oils and extracts. Such wise and sensitive

planning for the future of our natural resources also works to ensure

economic sustainability of the diverse cultures that exist within these irreplaceable natural oases. Our decision to utilize botanical- rather

than animal-derived ingredients further enables us to provide the consumer with 'quality without cruelty.'

ALL-NUTRIENT. products are biodegradable and are never tested on animals.

ALL-NUTRIENT products are the origin of richness and conditioning. Their luxurious enriched formulas are designed to condition, refresh, treat and soothe the hair and scalp. This 'vitalizing' effect enables hair to grow in healthy- right from the start.


  • ALL-NUTRIENT Shampoo

An enriched, luxurious shampoo with a revitalizing effect on all types of hair. Contains botanical extracts and allantoin to nourish

without irritation. Natural agents trap oil and dirt in a foaming cleansing action with superior rinsability. 

  • Protein Complex

The ultimate penetrating hair treatment, specially formulated to add strength to all types of hair. Mends split ends and revitalizes old

perms. Apply, wait 5 minutes and rinse.

  • All-Nutrient Oil

Unique dual-purpose formula for use on both hair and skin! Can be used as a hot or cold oil treatment- or as a moisturizing tanning

oil. Its pure distilled vegetable oils, plant extracts and vitamins penetrate deeply to relieve dryness.

  • Kiwi Botanical Shampoo

Advanced professional formulation gently bathes hair with moisturizers to leave it looking healthy and vibrant- with renewed bounce. Vitamins E and B5, wheat amino acids and proteins maintain and enhance permed or color-treated hair.

  • Kiwi Botanical Conditioner

This botanical formula nourishes the hair and scalp- without weight or build-up - and is safe for all types of hair. Humidity

balanced for manageability in even dampest weather. Contains sunscreen for additional haircolor protection. This PH- balanced

formulation can be used as frequently as you like.

  • Active Clarifying Treatment

'ACT' removes damaging mineral deposits that result from exposure to hard water or chlorinated pools. Proteins, vitamins and botanical extracts leave hair shiny and manageable, too. Easy-to-use mild formula- just apply, wait 2 minutes and rinse.

  • Spray Gel

This non-aerosol alcohol-free styling spray provides body, shine and texture while botanical extracts nourish the hair. No flaking. No drying. No build-up.


+ PLUS +

The ALL-NUTRIENT. 'PLUS' line contains the most advanced of our styling formulations. Light-weight products work hard to give

you the ultimate in performance--delivering manageability, body, sheen and styling control when you need it most.

  • Gel +The ultimate in long-lasting hold and volume without weight – invisibly builds body for even the finest hair. Amino acids, and wheat and soy proteins provide the'+'of silky, shiny hair. No build-up. Non-flaking.
  • Shine +

A hair polish complex that also adds body, repairs split ends and controls frizz. Weightless formula adds luster and texture

with the ,+' of sheen. Sun protection formula with chamomile extracts. Apply wet or dry.

  • Motion +A rich formulation that enables soft, graceful movements of the hair, with the ,+'of hold for styling longevity. Contains natural botanical extracts, Babassu oil, Brazil nut oil and hydrolyzed whole oat.
  • Straight +Makes controlling' 'the frizzies' easy! Provides body, control and style-ability with the "+' of one- step application @ Wavy, frizzed and curly hair is transformed. Leave-in botanical formula cloaks the hair's shaft with an invisible layer that straightens and conditions for smooth styling with superior manageability and shine.



ColorSafe' Shampoo and Conditioner are created with an advanced botanical formula for ---I regular use on color-treated or overly

porous hair

  • Shampoo and Conditioner

Natural antioxidants and silk protein reduce fading. Replace moisture lost from bleach & drying, weather and color treatment. Shampoo seals and protects hair, while Conditioner leaves hair looking healthy, vibrant and shiny.



Permed, relaxed or stressed hair benefits from regular use of PermSafe' Shampoo and Conditioner


Shampoo and Conditioner

Maintain the strength and resilience of your perm. Herbal extracts, natural free-radical inhibitors, plant proteins and vitamins create

a natural aromatherapy antioxidant treatment to restore health and vitality to your hair. The result is vibrant, bouncy and silky.

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