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Options by Framesi

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OPTIONS  is all about precision conditioning for your hair type.  Options divides hair into for CONDITIONING categories
  1. Perfect: for Normal, healthy hair  (use Detangle, Rinse 7 Ultra body 2)

  2. Replenish: for Color Treated hair (use Moist-In, Hydrate,  Reconditioner-2 & Color-Cleanse)

  3. Repair: for Damaged hair (use Revive, Drench, Liquid Protein & Indulge)

  4. Enhance: for hair with special needs (use Smooth, Way Smooth, Be Elastic & Ultra Deep Clarifier)

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COLOR CLEANSER - Replenish Shampoo

INDULGE - Repair Shampoo

ULTRA BODY 2 - Perfect Shampoo




OPTIONS Conditioners



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DETANGLE - Perfect Conditioner

DRENCH - Repair Conditioner

HYDRATE - Replenish Conditioner

LIQUID PROTEIN - Repair Conditioner

MOIST AIR - Replenish Conditioner

RECONDITIONER-2   - Replenish Conditioner

REVIVE  - Repair Conditioner

RINSE - Perfect Conditioner



OPTIONS Styling Aids



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BE ELASTIC  - Enhance Vitality Serum

SOOTHE  - Enhance Leave In Cream

WAY SMOOTH  - Enhance Anti-Frizz


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