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For over twenty years, the name Jingles International has been synonymous with progressive creativity in the field of hair fashion. Jingles Education Academies in London and New York are attended by hairdressers throughout the years, to keep up with the latest techniques and the upcoming fashion forecasts.

The Jingles Artistic Team also travels the world to conduct shows and advanced technical seminars for hairdressers everywhere. Throughout our travels, we have been exposed to the most creative, unique and innovative products of many countries.

The Jingles product line is a cumulation of our experiences and of our needs, refined to bring you the best of the best. Like valuable sculptures at an art gallery. Each product stands on its own, yet there exists a complete system.

Designed For Performance ~ Environmentally Responsible ~ JINGLES INTERNATIONAL


SWS Protein Complex:

All Jingles products contain a special natural Hydro Kinetic Ingredient, SWS Protein Complex (patent pending.)

SWS Protein Complex features a delicate balance of silk protein for strength and detangling, wheat protein for shine and moisture retention, and soy protein for additional manageability, plus 8 essential Amino Acids.

SWS Protein Complex is the natural alternative to animal protein. 

Jingles Shampoo:

Jingles Color Therapie Shampoo
Maintain and prolong radiant hair color!
Color treated hair has special needs. Jingles Color Therapie Shampoo is formulated with natural botanicals, which help prevent premature stripping of hair color, providing longer color life. Lathers luxuriously, leaving your hair cleansed, rich and smelling fabulous.
Jingles shampoos are a system. Once you have established the right formula for your hair's daily use, utilize other Jingles shampoos once a week for either deep cleansing (Rhapsody Shampoo) or extra conditioning (Colot Therapie Shampoo).

Jingles Harmony Shampoo 

Hydro Kinetic Harmony (nourishing) Shampoo: For Dry, Damaged, or Chemically Treated Hair

Nourishing Shampoo us a miracle in a bottle. Features all Natural Derived ingredients. Non-irritating formula which is extremely mild to skin, scalp and eyes.

Nourishing Shampoo is a must for color treated hair. Thick, rich formula with a luxurious foam that will not strip hair or color. Your hair will appreciate this fabulous shampoo.

Caution: Nourishing Shampoo can be addictive.

Jingles Serenade Shampoo

Hydro Kinetic Serenade (healthy hair) Shampoo: For Everyday Use

A daily shampoo featuring SWS Protein Complex for conditioning, static control and shine. Healthy Hair Shampoo balances the elasticity of the hair shaft without coating the hair.

Recommended for normal to dry hair, and can be used daily by the whole family.

Jingles Rhapsody Shampoo

Hydro Kinetic Rhapsody (workout)  Shampoo For active people

A rich clarifying shampoo, ideal for use by people who are physically active, or whose hair is regularly styled. Workout Shampoo thoroughly cleans the dirt, excess oil, and all product build-up in the hair Perfect for use prior to any chemical process. Must be used a minimum of once a week to thoroughly clean hair. Can be used everyday if you lead a daily active lifestyle.

Jingles Conditioners:

Conditioner An essential step in maintaining healthy hair. (Shampoo, Condition, Protect) Jingles features four superb conditioners specifically formulated for different conditioning needs. Jingles conditioners are also 100% biodegradable and feature only non-toxic preservatives.


SPRAY PROTEIN EXTRA  Especially prefect for Dry, Dull, Damaged or Chemically Treated hair.

Conditioner, Strengthener & Bodifier. Beneficial for the Whole Family

Spray Protein Extra is Jingles' TOP SELLING PRODUCT worldwide. Spray Protein Extra is a liquid oil-free conditioner featuring herbal extracts, silk protein and SWS Protein Complex for many versatile uses. Spray Protein Extra softens, strengthens and restores the hair's natural suppleness, making hair easy to comb.

Spray Protein Extra:

Adds moisture and shine to hair while conditioning, strengthening and bodifying without excess weight. Perfect for conditioning and detangling children's hair. Oil free. Anti-static.

Jingles Moisturizing Conditioner


Moisturizing Conditioner is scientifically designed to replace lost moisture and protein to hair to regenerate flexibility and manageability. Rinses out completely, and won't coat hair with unnecessary weight or build-up. Features SWS Protein Complex for condition, strength, and shine. Hydro Kinetic Moisturizing Conditioner is recommended for all hair types, as a daily conditioner. Contains no animal derivatives.

Jingles Intensive Treatment



THIS IS IT:  A rich formula loaded with Herbal Extracts, Organic Moisturizers, Natural Oils, Essential Proteins to Recondition, Reconstruct, Revitalize, Strengthen, Revive, Soften, Add Body, Shine, Silkiness, Bounce, and Health to your hair.

No waxy additives.

No artificial colors.

Excellent for permed/colored treated hair.

Ultra Strength Salon Formula.

Jingles Styling Aids:

Style and Finish This is what Jingles is famous for. Jingles styling and finishing products have no limitations. Think of them as colors on an artist's palette. You create the masterpiece by utilizing each product - alone or in conjunction with others - with your creativity or your simplicity. Let your mood take your hair to new levels.

PURE STYLING GEL  (No Longer Available) Try Jell-4-Fun

Jingles Pure Styling Gel is a superb high quality formula that gives support and control to a variety of finished looks. Pure Styling Gel dries quickly, without flaking. Use this product for excellent results when roller setting, slicking the hair back, or spiking. Provides control for longer hair, support for shorter hair. Use in small amounts.

Pure Styling Gel can be used with other styling products to achieve the look you want, and is especially recommended for use with Jingles Finishing Gloss.

For use on wet or dry hair. 100% Biodegradable.

Jingles Secret Gel

A secret formulation introduced by Jingles. (Discontinued due to VOC concerns & California Laws)

Designed to give you time to work the style. Extra moisture helps to reform curl texture.

Excellent on wet or dry hair. Non-sticky. Non-flaking.

Jingles Mousse Forte


Jingles Mousse Forte is excellent for producing that professional post-salon look.

Forte features avocado oil, wheatgerm, and jojoba for condition and protection.

Use Mousse Forte to give your hair extra hold, the crisp wet appearance, or simple protection from heat absorption while blow drying. Mousse Forte's intelligent formula allows you time to style your hair without compromising support, leaving the hair manageable and static-free. Like all Jingles International professional products, Mousse Forte is non-sticky and non-flaking.

Perfect for Salon use. 100% Biodegradable.

Jingles Spray Shine Plus

SPRAY SHINE PLUS Repairs, Revives, and Protects

Repairs split ends, seals cuticle for lustrous, healthy shine. Revives dull, dry, damaged hair instantly. Excellent as a detangler. Protects and conditions for a silk smooth style.

Non-flaky Non-Sticky No build-up

Apply evenly on wet or dry hair prior to styling. Do NOT Rinse 100% Biodegradable.

Jingles Gloss


Finishing Gloss works wonders to brighten the appearance of permed, dull or dry-looking hair.

Professionals love Finishing Gloss, particularly when accenting highlights, dark brown or black hair.

Finishing Gloss contains no oils, and won't wet your hair or cause your style to collapse.

For use on dry hair. Spread a small amount of Finishing Gloss into your palm and rub together well. Apply Finishing Gloss gently to the hair, either by scrunching or stroking, depending on the desired effect.

Mix Gloss with Jingles Pure Styling Gel for alternative effects.

Shampoos out completely with Jingles Hydro Kinetic Workout Shampoo.

Contains no fragrance. 100% biodegradable.

MULTI TEXTURE STYLING LOTION (sorry no longer available) An Extra Dimension for Hairstyles of Today

Jingles Hair Sprays:

Sprays    Jingles hair sprays are designed for specific purposes. As with all Jingles products, they can be used in harmony with each other or other Jingles products.

Jingles Mega Hold

MEGA HOLD HAIR SPRAY The strongest hair spray you will ever need.

Mega Hold Hair Spray offers the ultimate holding power needed. Mega Hold is ideal for artistic, creative styles with volume design. Mega Hold's super-concentrated formulas ensures that your hairstyle will remain exactly as positioned.

Only a small quantity is necessary for a strong hold. Mega Hold dries and holds instantly, and will hold your style around the clock. Mega Hold brushes out easily, won't flake or discolor hair, and won't dry hair or build-up. Jingles Hydro Kinetic Workout Shampoo is recommended after use of Mega Hold (as well as other styling products).

Mega Hold - The strongest hair spray you will ever need.

ULTRA MIST HAIR SPRAY (sorry no longer available)

Jingles Spray & Play


Works as a light spray gel, allowing you time foe molding the hairstyle. Recommended as a slow setting hairspray - for natural tousled looks. Can be used on wet or dry hair. Use small quantities at a time. Work the style. Add more when necessary.

Spray & Play is an extremely versatile product, ideal for the whole family.

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