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PROXEN #4 Damaged Dry hair Rebuilder System

Developed in Italy and enormously popular in Europe, PROXEN is a complete hair and scalp rebuilding treatment system. Proxen #4 is a three- step system designed specifically for the treatment of dry and damaged hair.


The Proxen #4 System

The Proxen #4 Hair Rebuilder System has three main components, 1-a rich hydrating shampoo, 2-a thick, hydrating conditioner, and 3-a nutrient-packed hydrating lotion. PLUS Proxen Fresh for maintenance.

Step One: Proxen #4 Shampoo

Rich, gentle-cleansing formula protects and hydrates hair while shampooing.

Step Two: Proxen #4 Treatment

Hydrating restructuring cream penetrates deep into the cuticle and drenches hair with moisture and condition.

Step Three: Proxen #4 Lotion

Applied directly on the hair, especially on damaged ends, forms a nutrient-rich, protective layer on the hair necessary to replace the natural oils vital for healthy, shiny hair.

Step Four: Proxen Fresh

For maintenance use Proxen Fresh on alternate days to keep scalp free of build up, adding body and shine to hair.

What it Contains:

Moisturizing Active Ingredients

Penetrate the cortex to maintain and restore moisture balance, creating beautiful, manageable hair.

C 11 -15 Fatty alcohols

lubricate dry, damaged hair with a thin layer, balancing the hair's natural oils.


a silicone, significantly contributes to easier combing, resulting in less breakage and more manageability.


restructure damaged hair and help prevent split ends.:

Instructions for use PROXEN #4

Intensive Use Treatment:

First four weeks:

Use all three Daily

Proxen #4 a- Shampoo,

   b-Treatment (round jar)and

c-Lotion (vials)

Maintenance Treatment:

a-Use Proxen #4 Shampoo, Treatment and Lotion

b-Use Proxen Fresh on alternate days to keep scalp free of build up, adding body and shine to hair.

Applying the Lotion

Wash hair with Proxen #4 Shampoo. Apply shampoo to wet hair, Gently massage into a rich lather

Leave the mild foam in contact with hair and scalp for about one minute and rinse.

Apply Proxen #4 Damaged Hair Treatment from round jar. Leave in hair for a few minutes, rinse and blot hair to dry.

Evenly distribute the lotion from vial and gentlly massage, concentrating on damaged hair and ends.

Do not rinse. Allow 3-5 minutes before styling.

Using the vials:

                Place the plastic applicator over the end of the glass vial and break the neck at the score.

                Now place the applicator over the end of the vial

                Distribute Proxen #4 lotion evenly.

                (note: most folks say there are 2-3 applications per vial)

For every hair, there is a hair follicle (Fig d), a tube-like projection or pocket in the scalp which encloses the hair root. At the bottom of the pocket is a finger-like projection called the papilla (Figure g).  Within the papilla is a rich blood and nerve supply. The hair bulb fits over and covers the papilla. The papilla can produce hair cells, which is why it is referred to as the “mother” of the hair. If the papilla is healthy and well-nourished, it will produce new hair (Figure j).

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PROXEN #2 System for OILY HAIR

Developed in Italy and enormously popular in Europe, PROXEN is a complete hair and scalp rebuilding treatment system. Proxen #2 is a two-step preventative system designed to keep the scalp and hair free of residues that can build up and block hair follicles. Blocked hair follicles can inhibit growth and may lead to unusual levels of hair loss in both men and women.


The Proxen #2 System - Oily Hair

The Proxen #2 Hair and Scalp Rebuilder System consists:

A rich shampoo and

A nutrient-packed lotion.

Directions for use:

Step One: Proxen #2 Shampoo

A strengthening and nourishing shampoo formulated for oily hair. Prevents blockage of the hair follicle. Promotes healthy hair and scalp.

Gently and thoroughly cleanses the hair and scalp, removing oiliness, thus helping to prevent blockage of hair follicles.

This step prepares the scalp to allow maximum penetration of Proxen #2 Lotion and its vital nutrients.

Step Two: Proxen #2 Lotion

When gently massaged into the hair and scalp, Proxen #2 Lotion releases rich nutrients essential to feeding the hair bulb and removing blockage from hair follicles.

Clogged follicles can't receive these nourishing elements which are vital to combat common hair problems including oily hair and scalp.

General Maintenance: Proxen Fresh

In between system use, this maintenance lotion helps keep scalp free of build-up, adding body and shine to hair. Leaves scalp tingly fresh.


What it contains
Propolis: is a derivative processed by bees. It defends the attack of microorganisms and is a natural antibiotic necessary to fight oiliness.

Quaternium –26: is derived from a natural oil which fights excessive oil in an effective yet gentle way.                                         

Amino acids: are powerful moisturizers which penetrate into the cortex, thus strengthening hair and leaving it with volume and shine.

Instructions for use –Proxen #2

Intensive Use Treatment:

First four weeks: Daily use of both Proxen #2 Shampoo and Lotion.

Maintenance Treatment

Use Proxen #2 Shampoo and Lotion 2-3 times a week. Use Proxen Fresh on alternate days to keep scalp free of build up, adding body and shine to hair.

Specialty Use

Change of season is a period when hair loss is more apparent. Spring and Fall tend to be the periods with the most hair loss evident.

During these periods Proxen #2 System should be applied following the Intensive Use suggested above.

Applying the Lotion

Wash hair with Proxen #2 Shampoo.  Apply Proxen #2 to wet hair. Gently massage into rich lather. Leave the mild foam in contact with hair and scalp for about one minute, rinse, and towel dry hair.

Evenly distribute the lotion to hair and scalp with a gentle massage. Do not rinse. Allow 3-5 minutes before styling.

If hair is very thin, apply Proxen #2 Lotion before shampooing. After ten minutes, proceed with a light hair wash using Proxen #2 Shampoo to get more volume and softness.

Using the vials:

                Place the plastic applicator over the end of the glass vial and break the neck at the score.

                Now place the applicator over the end of the vial

                Distribute Proxen #2 lotion evenly. (note: most folks say there are 2-3 applications per vial)


Proxen ... on Hair & Wellbeing

Hair is a precious element of beauty, but it's much more then that: it contributes to build-up your self confidence and for many people, hair loss is a real trauma.

When you start to loose your hair, you often lose the self-confidence and consciousness of your beauty and you need to rebuild your image. For men, hair loss produces deep discomfort, but for a woman (over 30% suffer from thinning hair) the psychological implications are worrisome.

This is why it is of fundamental importance to fight thinning  hair and its unpleasant look, by consulting a professional and qualified hairstylist who can offer you appropriate treatments and a lifestyle than can remedy or at least limit the problem.

We often forget that hair is alive: it grows, is nourished, becomes weak, dies and usually grows back.

Why then do we treat it superficially, endangering not only its beauty but also its health?

Why do you take the risk of reaching a "point of no return"?

The hairstylist can help his clients because he has the qualified tools and special knowledge.

With this manual, Framesi wants to increase your knowledge, get deeper into all aspects of tinning hair ands help the professional hairstylist to better understand the causes of a more and more adverse situation.

Hair Structure

Hair is a complex structure, made up of a bulb and a shaft. Below the surface of the skin the hair is encased in a structure called the follicle. Around the follicle is a mass of cells thar are very sensative ot any variations occurring to the bulb, and the scalp.

The hair bulb contains the papilla. This element generates new keratin cells which push up the oldest cells forming he keratinized fibers call the stem, which is the real hair.

The dermal papilla, which also produces melanin that gives hair its natural color, is nourished by thin blood vessels leading oxygen and nourishing elements to the follicle and eliminating toxins.

A healthy follicle is free, rich in oxygen and lubricated with the right amount of sebum.

If , on the contrary, sebaceous glands produce a higher quantity of sebum this may create a plug that suffocates the follicle and consequently the hair bulb. In addition, a parasite called Demodex Folliculorum may hide inside the follicle and provoke hair thinning.

This means that the hair gets thinner and thinner by prducing thinner hair, with short roots and a very short life cycle.

The hair stem is composed of three concentric structures: the external cuticle, formed by keratin cells arranged like roof-shingles in more or less thick layers.

The cuticle cells of healthy hair strictly adhere to the stem. The thick intermediate section is the cortex which is composed of keratin cell arranged in long braided fibers.

The cores fibers of healthy hair are flexible.

The stem core is the medulla section composed of spongy and soft keratin cells.

The hair life cycle is composed of three phases:

  1. ANAGEN - active growth phase

  2. CATAGEN - resting phase

  3. TELOGEN - hair loss phase

If hair is healthy, the anagen phase should be four times longer than the catagen and the telogen phases together.

Which factors modify the ideal  condition?

There are certainly genetic and hormonal factors, but there is often "improper maintenance" of the scalp which should periodically be thoroughly cleansed free from oil, dandruff and styling products and at the same time should be nourished and moisturized.

Such a treated scalp is richer in oxygen and this is greatly favorable for hair follicles and bulbs

Early hair aging is also due to environmental (pollution, sun winds), chemical (cosmetics, coloring, waving) and mechanical factors as well (hair dryer, drying hoods, aggressive use of brushes) which may seriously weaken hair. In these situations, hair does not fall but it becomes dull and weakened and the hairstylist can help with strengthening, mineralizer treatments which make hair soft, reconditioned and flexible.






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