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we have requested additional funds
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  1. add the dollars
  2. add the cents
  3. add 1 in the 3rd box to remove the minimum shipping charge that is automatically added, to every order, by the shopping cart (under $72.00)


(dollars box) 1= extra payment  or postage  -  $  1.00  (dollars box)   
                   so if you want 25 dollars you put 25 in the dollars box
(cents box) 1= extra payment  or postage  -  $  0.01
                   so if you want 25 cents you put 25 in the cents box
    1- less minimum shipping & handling of 14.40

"Give me your damaged, your torn, Your breaking & tangeling hair yearning to comb free, The wretched mess of your damaged hair. Send these, the breaking, the problem, & can't comb thru hair to me."

This Emergency_Service is your "Pound of Cure" ...
when it is too late for your "Pound of Prevention."


Hair Problems:  |  How to repair dry brittle hair and spit ends |  Chlorine hair damage repair |  Repair of permed damaged hair |  Emergency hair repair treatment |  Pro-vitamin E instant hair repair |  Dry Hair 

For even more tips and advice see our friends at Hair

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