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Lange Panthenol EDA Cream

Face & Body Cream with Panthenol

Lange is out of business see Sergino EDA Cream  Folks that liked Lange Like and have been  reordering  Sergino on a regular basis.

  • Try (1 of 2) Sergino EDA Cream

  • EDA Cream by Sergino

    Sergino EDA Cream

    Try (2 of 2 BioElements  Absolute Moisture



    Lange 5% Panthenol Treatment

    5% Panthenol Spray by SerginoLange 5% Panthenol  Treatment

    (Lange is Out of business ) now we have 1 choice ALL VERY SIMILAR for you to pick from:

     5% Panthenol by Sergino  (right white bottle) or


       about Lange 5% Panthenol Treatment -Skin Care

    Please do not order when you see
    (Out of stock)
    Lange is NOT currently in production
    We were told the owner died without a will and the estate is tied up in the courts. OF course, "court time" has no relationship to "people time".
    We are leaving the products on the page awaiting their return!

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    | Facial Wash | 6% Glycolic Acid | 8% Glycolic Acid | 12% Glycolic Acid | SPF 15 |
    | 5% Panthenol | Body Moist | Body Polish | Body Wash | Hand Lotion |
    | Banish (acne) Cleanser | Banish Normal to Dry | Banish Normal to Oily | Banish Treatment |

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    We ship Fed Ex ground,  additional charges may be added  for PO Boxes & shipments outside the US.
    Prices subject to error/correction and/or change reflecting supplier pricing.

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    Lange Gentle CleanserLange GENTLE CLEANSER

     about Lange Gentle Cleanser
    (for Normal to Dry Skin)

        8oz Gentle Cleanser   -  (Out of stock)
      16oz Gentle Cleanser   - 
    (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements  Sensitive Skin Cleanser



    Lange Oil-Control Cleansing Gel

     about Lange Oil-Control Cleansing Gel

        8oz Oil Control Cleansing Gel   - (Out of stock)
      16oz Oil Control Cleansing Gel   - (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements  Decongestant Cleanser

    Na-PCA Complexion Cleanser

    Lange Na-PCA Complexion Cleanser

    about Lange Na-PCA Complexion Cleanser

      Na-PCA Complexion Cleanser    (Out of stock)

    TryBioElements  Twice Daily Bar

    Elastin  Milk-Almond-Oatmeal Cleanser

    Lange Milk-Almond-Oatmeal Cleanser

    about Lange Elastin Milk-Almond-Oatmeal Cleanser  

        4oz  Elastin Milk - Almond - Oatmeal Cleanser                  
        8oz  Elastin Milk - Almond - Oatmeal Cleanser
    Try BioElements  Moisture Positive Cleanser

    Lange Panthenol Hydro-Tonique

    Lange Hydro Tonique

    about Lange Hydro Tonique  

    Sorry! No Lonager Available! 

    Try BioElements  Equalizer Toner

    Lange Daily Micro ExfoliantLange Daily Micro-Exfoliant

    about Lange Daily Micro - Exfoliant

        4oz  Daily Micro - Exfoliant  (Out of stock)
        8oz  Daily Micro - Exfoliant  (Out of stock)
    Try BioElements  Pumice Peal
    Try BioElements  Measured MicroGrains

    Lange EDA MasqueLange EDA Masque

     about Lange EDA Masque  


         2oz  EDA Masque  (Out of stock)
         8oz  EDA Masque  
    (Out of stock)
    Try BioElements  Restorative Clay



    Lange Elastin Refining Masque

    about Lange Elastin Refining Masque  

       2oz Elastin Refining Masque   (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements  CreamTherapy

    Lange Hydro Complex SerumLange HYDRI-COMPLEX Serum

    about Lange Hydro-Complex Serum   

        1oz Hydro - Complex Serum  (Out of stock)

    TryBioElements  Oxygen Cocktail

    Lange Facial Firming Lotion

     about Lange Facial Firming Lotion  

        1oz  Facial Firming Lotion   (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements  Jet Travel

    Lange Facial Firming Cream

    Lange Facial Firming Cream

     about Lange Facial Firming Cream  

        2oz Facial Firming Cream (Out of stock)

               BioElements  Sleepwear

    Click here for full directions for Lange Facial Firming Cream

    Lange NA-PCA Instant Skin Moisturizer

    Lange Na-PCA Instant Skin Moisturizer

    about Lange Na-PCA Instant Skin Moisturizer

        8oz NaPCA Instant Skin Moisturizer

    Try BioElements  Monsoon Natural Body Refresher

    Lange EDA Cream Lite

    Lange Panthenol EDA Cream Lite

    about Lange Panthenol EDA Cream Lite

       4oz  EDA Cream Lite   (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements  Beyond Hydration

    Lange EDA Sport Lotion

    about Lange EDA Sport Lotion

       8oz  EDA Sport Lotion  (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements  Gold Mine Luminous Face & Body Lotion

    Lange Baby Calming Lotion

    about Lange Baby Calming Lotion

       10oz  Baby Calming Lotion    (Out of stock )

    Try BioElements  Stress Solution

    Lange Marine Collagen Cream

    Lange Marine Collagen Cream

    about Lange Marine Collagen Cream

       2oz  Marine Collagen Cream $20.98

                                         (Out of stock)

    Lange Skin Therapy Gel

    Lange Panthenol Skin Therapy Gel

     about Lange Panthenol Skin Therapy Gel  
    (For all Skin Types)

       8oz  Skin Therapy Gel    (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements Immediate Comfort

    Lange Under Eye Serum

    about Lange Under Eye Serum

       1oz  Under Eye Serum  (Out of stock)


    Robanda Triple Action Eye Gel 
    BioElements Eye Area
    BioElements Multi Task Eye Cream



    Lange Facial Wash

     about Lange Facial Wash

       8oz  Facial Wash  (Out of stock)

    Lange Glycolic Acid 6%

    about Lange Glycolic Acid 6%


       4oz  Glycolic Acid 6%  (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements Active Astringent

    Lange Glycolic Acid 8%

    about Lange Glycolic Acid 8%  

       4oz  Glycolic Acid 8%  (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements Acne Plex
    TryRepechage  Rapidex Exfoliator 8% Alpha Hydroxy Acid

    Lange Glycolic Acid 12%

    about Lange Glycolic Acid 12%

       4oz  Glycolic Acid 12%  (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements Pour Plex (night)
    Try BioElements Pigment Discourager

    Lange SPF 15

    about Lange SPF 15 

       4oz  SPF 15  (Out of stock)


    Try BioElements Sun Diffusing Protector

    BODY by Lange

    Lange Body Wash

      about Lange Body Wash 

       8oz  Body Wash

    Try BioElements Comfortably Clean Daily Shower Gel


    Lange Body Polish

     about Lange Body Polish 

       8oz  Body Polish

     TryBioElements Volcanic Mud Soap
     Try BioElements Cactus Cloth

    Lange BODY MOIST

    Lange Body Moist

    about Lange Body Moist 

       8oz  Body Moist  (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements Extremely Emollient Body Cream


    Lange Hand Lotion

    about Lange Hand Lotion 

       8oz  Hand Lotion  (Out of stock)

    BANISH by Lange

    (for Problem skin & acne)

    Lange Banish Cleanser

    about Lange Banish 

       8oz  Banish Cleanser  (Out of stock)

    Try BioElements  Decongestant Cleanser Oil-free lathering gel cleanser that thoroughly deep cleanses pore-clogging dirt, makeup and excess oils. Non-comedogenic.
    TryBio Elements Amino Mask
     Medicated facial mask helps prevent and clear acne blemishes. Draws-out pore-clogging debris, soaks up excess oils, calms inflammation and promotes fast healing of existing breakouts.
    TryBio Elements Great Skin in a Box (combination complexion) Great skin for combination complexions all in one box: Twice Daily Bar, Equalizer, Absolute Moisture, plus a FREE Preview Size Makeup Dissolver and Professional Cleansing Sponge

    Lange Banish Moisturizer (normal to oily)

    about Lange Banish 

       8oz  Banish Moisturizer (normal to Oily)  (Out of stock)

    Try Bio Elements Absolute Moisture Light moisture creme with self-adjusting hydrators. Non-comedogenic.
    Try Bio Elements Great Skin in a Box (oily complexion) Great skin for oily complexions: Decongestant Cleanser, Equalizer, Beyond Hydration, plus a FREE Preview Size Makeup Dissolver and Professional Cleansing Sponge.

    Lange Banish Moisturizer (normal to dry)

    about Lange Banish 

       8oz  Banish Moisturizer (normal to dry)  (Out of stock)

    Try Bio Elements Beyond Hydration Now formulated with time-released MoistureZomes and Panthenol, Beyond Hydration keeps the skin supple and hydrated as it prevents moisture loss throughout the day.
    Try Bio Elements Crucial Moisture Very rich, emollient creme that can be used day and night to relieve dryness. Contains natural adaptogens and essential oils
    TryBio Elements Great Skin in a Box (dry complexion) Great skin for dry complexions all in one box: Moisture Positive Cleanser, Equalizer, Crucial Moisture, plus a FREE Preview Size Makeup Dissolver and Professional Cleansing Sponge.

    Lange Banish Treatment Acne Treatment

    about Lange Banish 

       1oz   Banish Treatment $23.00

    TryBioElements Pour Plex (night) Medicated night treatment gel helps prevent and clear acne blemishes while you sleep. Fights acne bacteria, unclogs pores, controls oil production and helps visibly fade the signs of past breakouts.
    Try BioElements Acne Plex Medicated daytime treatment gel controls oil, unclogs pores, fights acne bacteria and helps reduce inflammation.

    Lange-Hair Care <--Just in case you wanted Lange Hair Care Products also.

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