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Moisture Block


Sabino Moisture Block has changed it's appearance and name to
Sabino Lok & Blok

Sabino Lok & BlokThe new packaging has a leak proof travel plug built into the the bottle! Sabino has also improved the formula inside the bottle. They've added two important silicone which give you more protection and eliminate frizz while eliminating brittle & dry hair in any climate. This new formula makes the product easy to apply by evenly distributing the Lok & Blok through your hair.

How To Use Sabino Lok & Blok:

    Shampoo - use Sabino Revitalizing Shampoo for maximum results
    Condition - use Sabino Nourishing Conditioner for maximum results. Lightly rinse out the conditioner. Conditioners are water soluble & only stay in the hair for 2 to 3 hours. However, with Lok & Block you lock in the conditioner until your next shampoo!
    Towel Dry Hair - gently and lightly squeeze dripping excess water from hair. For maximum moisture retention, do not over dry hair with towel.
    Dispense a quarter size amount of Lok & Blok into the palm of your hand. (You may use more or less depending on length and thickness of hair. If you find you still have some frizz after your first use, you will know to use more next time. Be careful not to use too much as the product is highly concentrated.)
    Rub your palms together.
    Pat onto the ends of hair, starting in the back, for gentle application
    Scrunch throughout hair up to the roots and into the roots if they are coarse or kinky
    Comb hair for even distribution
    Dry with a blow-drier or let the hair dry naturally
    Style with a flat iron, curling iron or let the hair dry naturally

CAUTION!! As with any product, make sure Lok & Blok is worked thoroughly throughout wet hair and then completely dried before flat ironing or using a curling iron for optimum protection.

   Lok & Blok, 3oz sorry no longer available

Moisture Block

Sabino Moisture Block: Moisture control is the single largest factor in how your hair performs. It can either be your best friend or your worst enemy

  • Moisture Block
    Locks-IN the perfect 10 to 11 moisture content that keeps hair strong and healthy.
  • Moisture Block
    Locks-IN conditioners from shampoo to shampoo
                     - most in show conditioners /moisturizers only last 2 to 3 hours.
  • Moisture Block
    Locks-OUT external moisture that causes frizz by providing a 100% seal on the hair shaft.
  • The only shampoo-soluble product.
  • Humidity will no longer effect your hairstyle.
  • Keeps hair soft, shiny and silky from shampoo to shampoo.
  • Protects hair completely from hot blowers and ceramic irons
  • Cuts styling time in half.
  • Does not weigh hair down.
  • Use year round and protect against breakage, split ends and damage due to neglect, natural wear and chemical services.
  • Not even chlorine can penetrate Moisture Block - Swimmers you can now protect your hair!moisture block


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Waterproof your hair with Moisture Block.

Moisture Block eliminates frizz in all types of hair. Leaves your hair unbelievably silky-soft shiny & manageable, until you shampoo it out.

  1. 1- In Wet Climates it stops humidity form coming into the hair.
  2. I2- n Dry Climates it stops essential moisture form leaving the hair.

DIRECTIONS: Hay folks this stuff works! We have added to the directions so you don't have to learn the hard way, by repeating our mistakes!

  • ۰ Apply Moisture block to towel dried hair.
  • ۰ Start with a dime-sized & increase as needed for thicker hair, longer hair or humidity
  • ۰ Place in palm, Rub palms together to emulsify thoroughly. This is a must! It is thick  ... so ...
  • ۰ If you just plop it on it becomes impossible to spread it around so just shampoo it out and start over
  • ۰ Scrunch and rub into hair thoroughly and comb through
  • For added volume spray on Waterproof Volumizer (below).
  • ۰ Style any way you want. Blow dry, flat iron, curling iron, or dry naturally
  • ۰ If desired use a small amount (emulsified) to finish or touch up ends.

We have clients who love this stuff! Some do not shampoo daily. They just hop in the shower, being careful not to put their hair directly into the water. When they hop out the do a "minor touch-up and are good for day 2!

We gave a partial bottle to the first lady who told us about her skip-a-shampoo-day routine. We just handed her a partial bottle (for free) and asked her to try it and let us know what she thought. The only warning we gave her was to be sure to rub her hands together to emulsify the product to help spread it around evenly through her hair. 

Works on Bleached, colored, permed, fine, thin course thick and virgin hair.

Works on Bleached, colored, permed, fine, thin course thick and virgin hair.

moisture block shampoo by sabino


Sabino Revitalizing Shampoo  designed to support Moisture Block's complete climate control.

Revitalizing Shampoo combines the latest in silicone technology with botanical extracts, natural proteins and moisturizers to leave hair silky, manageable and frizz free. Light moisture-enriched formula restores hair to its healthiest condition leaving hair soft and supple. For best results and extra protection, use Sabino Hair Solutions Moisture Block

Directions: Apply to wet hair, massage into a lather, Rinse dell. Follow with Nourishing Conditioner.


sorry the company is out of this product

moisture block conditioner by sabino


Sabino Nourishing Conditioner designed to support Moisture Block's complete climate control.


Combines the latest in silicone technology with protein and jojoba oil to leave hair soft, supple and frizz free. Light moisture-enriched formula nourishes, balances and detangles hair with unique conditioners to soften, smooth and improve manageability. Fr best results and extra protection use with Moisture Block.

Directions: after using revitalizing shampoo apply conditioner and massage through hair. rinse Thoroughly.


sorry the company is out of this product

Sabino Curls for Curly Hair



Sabino Curls for Curly Hair

The only gel that binds curls in any climate.

Create, shape and define beautiful, luxurious, no-frizz curls with C4CH by Sabino Hair Solutions.

Ideal for naturally curly or wavy hair, our superior waterproof styling gel leaves hair soft and manageable. Especially effective in humid climates.


Directions: Shampoo & condition, apply moisture block & comb through Then apply C4CH on top of moisture block. Note:  It is supposed to feel sticky on your hands when you first put it in your hair.

Currently out of Stock. Try Alterna Hemp Hard Hold Gel

orry no longer available

Sabino Curls for Straight Hair



Sabino Curls for Straight Hair

For Straight hair girls that want curls!

Create, shape and define beautiful, luxurious, no-frizz curls with C4SH by Sabino Hair Solutions.

Perfect for anyone with straight hair or lazy curls that need that extra pop! Extremely effective in humid climates.


   Curls for Straight Hair, 4oz   sorry no longer available

Sabino Water Proof Volumizer



Sabino Water Proof Volumizer

Spray Volumizer into roots of  freshly shampooed, conditioned &  towel-dried hair, --- comb it through.

Point blow dryer to dry your hair against the natural growth patterns to creat lift & more volume at the root area of your hair. Lifting hair up from scalp continue blow drying  at the roots until your hair wants to stand upright.

Heat activates Volumizer  --- so continue blow drying after the hair feels dry. Your hair will quickly become very soft. You will create maximum body with no stiffness.


   Water Proof Volumizer, 4oz   sorry no longer available

Sabino WaterProff Finisher



Sabino WaterProof Finsiher Har Spray

This unique hairspray is the only waterproof Finisher in the world. It will never ever get sticky or gummy!

Humidity cannot destroy Finisher by Sabino Hair Solutions. Even if you get caught in the rain, just touch up your style and your hold is still there. Your hold will be there until you wash it out.

Especially effective in humid climates, Finisher is recommended for anyone who needs extra control and texture in their hairstyle.

   WaterProof Finsiher, 4oz   sorry no longer available




Sabino Hair Turban

Turban: unique patented shape with loop-and-button closure keeps turban snug. Machine washable. White microfiber absorbs excess moisture quickly, gently and more thoroughly than ordinary cotton.turban in case


sorry no longer available



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