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Nano Technology

Nano Technology is the science of creating new materials out of single atoms and molecules, enabling ingredients to more easily penetrate the hair to deliver health, vitality and vibrancy. With Nano Technology, miniaturized becomes smaller, enabling advanced silicones to instinctively understand where repair is needed . Once repaired, hair stays smoother and shinier longer -- because once they get inside, active ingredients perform to return hair to its optimum condition.

The hair shaft on the right is magnified 2,000 times showing crevices that can only be filled with nano-sized active ingredients that easily penetrate to repair and protect.

Many manufacturers include nano technology in their hair products. Most just do not advertise that it is present.

The luxury of exquisite color care exists in the form of Pureology NanoWorks Shampoo and NanoWorks Conditioner two gloriously rich extraordinary formulas that cater to the color-treated hair. NanoWorks Shampoo contains exclusive ingredients that fight against the dull drying effects of age: work to rejuvenate a depth of color you thought had been lost: and feed hair the nutrients it needs, returning hair to a more youthful condition. Healthy, glowing, radiant, Revitalized. Pureology NanoWorks Shampoo get the best of the best for your hair Pureology Shampoo NanoWorks!

NanoWorks Shampoo and NanoWorks Condition
Together, this system creates absolutely exquisite shine, pristine condition and glorious color radiance. Indulge your hair. NanoWorks your hair. Get the ultimate in luxury from start to finish. Use all the products in the Nano Hair Care line!

Again Here's why ...

  • Nano Technology
  • Strengthens, repairs, conditions and protects.
  • Brightens, boosts color radiance and shine.
  • offers  Anti-Age and Revitalizing properties.

The NanoWorks System often contains anti-Age ingredients of green tea, sugar cane, citrus and wine extracts along with unique vegetable-source proteins and certified organic botanicals of mushroom mucor miehei, shitake and mannetake. These anti-age ingredients combine to strengthen hair while soothing the surface and revitalizing hair's core to create exquisite shine and incredible vibrancy. The result is more a youthful condition with maximum color radiance and brilliance.

We have had several repots that using NanoWorks Shampoo and NanoWorks Conditioner for the first week after a new color (then switching back to your regular Shampoo and Conditioner)  will give you better longer lasting color results.

Be careful though as your improved results may be so good that you may not want to switch back to your regular shampoo & conditioner. You have made an investment in your hair color - why not protect that investment by using color Protecting NanoWorks Products.


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