Lanza Ultimate Treatment is a reconstructive deep conditioning treatment that you custoize to fit the needs of your hair. Lanza Ultimate Treatment is designed to help your hair look add feel its best. Click pix 2 order your product below

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You can now perfect your hairs tone and texture, creating the optimum canvas for your finished look. Not any reconstructive treatment will do. Lanza’s Ultimate Treatment is known for being one of the purest, most potent, most effective, hair repair treatments available. Lana Ultimate Treatment features the Company’s exclusive Keratin Bonding Systems, one of the worlds most innovative and sought after hair repair ingredients. This “miracle” cure, as it has been called, combines select herbs and protein through a unique hydrolization process. The result is an extraordinary protein delivery system that in a short time will make your hair look and feel 1)-stronger, 2)-softer, and 3)-remarkably healthy. Hair given the Ultimate Treatment prior to any professional, in salon service will have better strength, better elasticity, and a more flawless appearance.

Lanza  Ultimate Treatment KIT
Each Kit contains:
  •  1-33.8oz  - Chelating Shampoo
  •  1-33.8oz  - Deep Treatment
  •   1-3.4oz   - Strength Power Booster
  •   1-3.4oz   - Moisture Power Booster
  •   1-3.4oz   - Volume Power Booster
  •   1-8.45oz - Power Protector

Lanza Ultimate Treatment Kit    $160.00 180.00

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kit only
lanza ultimate treatment

Lanza Chelating Shampoo STEP #1
A multi-action shampoo formulated to gently cleanse as it normalizes oil secretions and brings a natural balance to oily scalp and hair. Refines hair texture and shine by removing build-up from coating styling products. Formulated for anyone with oily hair and scalp.

  33.8oz     $47.50 52.50

Lanza Ultimate Treatment Chelating Shampoo
Lanza Deep Treatment STEP #2
A refreshing multi-use shampoo for all hair types. An eclectic blend of proteins and moisturizers to impart light conditioning, while increasing comb-ability and shine. Formulated for everyone, for everyday use.

  33.8oz     $47.50 52.50

Lanza Ultimate Treatment Deep Treatment

Lanza Power Boost MOISTURE STEP #2A
Boosts the MOISTURE when mixed with your DEEP Treatment

  3.4oz     $22.70  25.20

Lanza Power Boost Strength Boosts your hair STRENGTH when mixed with your DEEP Treatment

  3.4oz     $22.70 25.20

strength bppster

Lanza Power Boost VOLUME STEP #2A
Boosts the VOLUME when mixed with your DEEP Treatment

  3.4oz     $22.70 25.20


volume booster

Boosts the VOLUME when mixed with your DEEP Treatment

  8.5oz     $22.70 25.20

lanza power protector

Professional Conditioning Heat Cap

The Thermal Spa Professional Conditioning Heat Cap provides evenly distributed heat, to be used with therapeutic hair treatments. The quiet, automatic thermo-controlled unit heats deeply without overheating. Dual thermostats provide complete safety. Made of soft, flexible vinyl for comfort and easy cleaning: (seen on the HairMatters.US Biogenol Ultra Deep Masque web page)

Product Features:
  • 3 Temperature Settings (you only need the low setting for most hair treatments)
  • Fits All Sizes
  • Convenient Washable Liner Included
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • UL Listed
  • Designed for use with most all hair care products that work better with heat
  • 50 Watts, 120 VAC, 50/60 HZ

 Professional Conditioning Heat Cap  
Sorry no longer available


If you are traveling and taking your blow dryer you  2nd best choice would be the Hooded Dryer Attachment  for you blow dryer
  • This Hood attachment for your blow-dryer:
  • Turns you Blow Dryer into a Heat Cap
  • Fits all hand-held hair dryers
  • Created for at-home treatments requiring heat

Hooded Dryer Attachment - Silver ...  1-      $  16.00


hooded dryer attachment

Processing Cap

You will also like the Processing cap over the hair, to protect the heat cap.  This isolate the Heat cap form any "mess". Processing caps may be put through the clothes washer several times before discarding. (They do not survive the clothes dryer.)

Processing Caps 10count - $2.49
Processing Caps 30count - $5.99



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