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Finally, with White Sands, there is a system of hair products for split ends repair tha really works & it is easy to do at home.

White Sands Fixes your split ends from the OUTSIDE withproducts for split ends - The Cure The Cure 24/7  Reconstructor / Split End Mender - weekly treatment

The Cure is a leave in reconstructive treatment with visible split end mending results.
The Cure starts working as soon as it isapp;ied to your hair. The name says it all, The Cure 24-7 cures your split ends.

The Cure 24/7   Reconstructor & Split End Mender 
                    1-  2oz  $  22.49  30.00
The Cure 24/7 buy 7 at 21.99ea  7 -  2oz  $153.93
The Cure 24/7  buy 12 at 21.49ea 12- 2oz   $257.88

Special Intro Offer: complete deep conditioner & split ends repair kit
ER Fusion
The Cure 24-7
Orchids Oil
Herat Cap
ER Fusion repairs you hair from the inside
products for spl;it ends - T he Cure
orchid oil |hair oil
Porosity the Fix
heat cap
processing caps
1-3oz ER Fusion + 1-1.7oz The Cure 24-7 + 1- 3oz Orchids Oil +
               1-4oz Porosity + 1 Heat Cap + 1-10 count- Processing Caps
;              only $114.99 157.44 best buy

The Cure 24-7is a treatment that can be done -day or night, and on wet or dry hair.

The Cure 24/7 repairs damaged hair fibers, making the tresses of your hair, stronger, smoother, and shiner. Restoring damaged hair has never been so convenient and simple. The Cure is a once a once a week - hair repair treatment - for the outside of your hair Refresh & Reinforce the Cure daily by using  Orchids Oil. Hit a home run for your hair use  The Cure (weekly) & Orchids Oil (daily)

Learn more about White Sands The Cure 24-7. The Cure is the once a week treatment  - to cure your split ends. Don't forget to refresh & reinforce it daily with Orchids Oil & Porosity The Fix


White Sands - Fixes your split ends from the INSIDE  with

Hair Prodicucs for Split Ends - ER Fusion - white sands Hair ReairER Fusion - Emergency Reconstruction Treatment

ER Fusion Treatment 1-3oz    $ 21.99  26.00
ER Fusion
Treatment 7 - 3oz  tubes  $150.47 -  buy 7 at 21.49
ER Fusion
Treatment 12-3oz  tubes  $251.88 - buy 12 at 20.99

Limited Time Offer 1-3oz ER Fusion + 1-Heat Cap + 1-Processing Cap   65.99 best buy

ER Fusion is an intensive reconstructive hair treatment which restores hair back to its youthful condition. This product creates a clear micro-shield to seal in color and softness, while weightless quaternaries balance and self-adjust color in the hair.
A complex set of amino cysteine repair damage while lemon grass extracts enhance color with a high gloss. ER Fusion's unique delivery system ensures optimum performance and lasts up to 30 days after each initial use! We recommend weekly use on double processed or weak hair. (more about the magic of ER Fusion from White Sands)

Application: After shampooing twice, apply ER Fusion to wet hair, work through for even distribution. Apply heat for 20 minutes using a processing cap & heat cap / or overhead dryer. Let cool then rinse. Follow with White Sands The cure 24-7, Porosity, Orchids Oil. Style with White Sands Glaze plus or designer gel and white Sands Liquid texture.


White Sands  - help prevent split ends from the OUTSIDE every day with

products fro split ends - orchids oil by white sandsOrchids Oil  extract restores moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to your hair on a daily basis! Helps prevent split ends too!

Orchids Oil 1 - 3oz  $  15.99   20.00
Orchids Oil 1 - .34oz  $3.00 travel size
Orchids Oil 6 - .34oz  $ 15.00 travel size
This Daily use Orchid Oil extract restores moisture, shine, elasticity and softness to hair that has become damaged from chemical treatments, and thermal stress. White Sands’ interest in Orchids for hair is inspired from studies that have shown the orchid’s mysterious capacity for longevity, beauty, and its versatility to adjust to different environments with vibrant color. Orchid oil is very light weight, unlike most other oils it does not affect the hairs ability to perform when styling. (more about the magic of Orchids Oil from White Sands)

Wet Hair Application: Shampoo and condition first. Towel dry and apply about the size of a nickel, distributing evenly through the entire head of hair (scalp not necessary). Comb through for even distribution and then apply styling aids as desired. This will adjust each strand's moisture balance and texture.

Dry Hair Application: Apply about a dime size in your palms. Spread evenly from roots to ends by distributing 0rchids to the left, right, and back sections of hair

White Sands - help prevent split ends
& protect all your hair from the OUTSIDE every day with

Porosity The FixPorosity the Fix - Help de tangle, preventing split ends and gives you healthy looking, flawless hair. Porosity is the daily must have make up for your hair!

Porosity -the Fix...  1 - 4oz   $15.49  19.00
Porosity -the Fix
7 - 4oz  $104.93  buy 7 at 14.99 each
Porosity -the Fix
1 - 33.8oz refill  $109.00
(more about the magic of Porosity from White Sands)

Everyone wants healthy, flawless hair. Porosity the Fix gives your hair the healthy, flawless, shiny appearance you always wanted but that you just can't find anywhere else! Porosity the fix is simply  "make up for your hair." Once you see the difference you will love the hair magic you will see for yourself in your hair.  White Sands and Fernando Salas call Porosity -make-up for hair. And if you color or bleach regularly, then you know the hair encompasses variations of dryness and texture. Porosity acts as your coveted foundation , and conceal to temporarily fill in the blemishes found in each strand, creating the impression of illuminating, flawless tresses. Porosity has multiple usages, so refer to the pro formulas for chemical and salon services.


  • Bleach Highlights: Mix 4 sprays of Porosity in the bleach (bowl) to suspend any manufacturer's bleach, which will stop it from drying out. Porosity the Fix stops the bleach from swelling so the consistency stays the same throughout the process. This speeds up the processing time and eliminates blotchy blondes.

  • Color Processing: Mix 4 sprays into the color mixture to enhance color and ultimate shine.

  • Pre-wrap for Perms: Apply 4-6 sprays on wet hair to equalize the porosity and achieve a consistent curl pattern from end to end.

  • Styling Application: After shampooing and conditioning, add 4-6 sprays to wet hair, combing through for even distribution. This will adjust each strand's moisture balance and texture.

  • for Guys with thinning hair:  if your hair is drying out, feels stiff, scratchy and won't bend protect and keep the hair you still have. Guys you will really love how Porosity the Fix - fixes your hair, and -- Hay Girl, if your guys hair is feeling dry, scratchy and thinning out some - help him out! Get him his own bottle of Porosity! He may not have noticed yet, -- so if your fingers "feel the the dryness"before he notices (as you run your fingers through his hair) - don't be afraid to share the Porosity secret! He will really appreciate it when his brittle hair stops breaking off.

Application: After shampooing and conditioning, add 4-6 sprays to wet hair, combing through for even distribution. This will adjust each strand's moisture balance and texture.



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