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ER Fusion repairs you hair from the insideWith ER Fusion hair repair, deep conditioning treatment form White Sands, even badly damaged hair will hold curl, be smooth, and have both shine and great motion. ER Fusion is a deep conditioner that fixes your hair from the inside.

E R Fusion is:

  • a once every-other-week to a once a month treatment that
  • fixes you hair from the inside.

ER Fusion has a skin care delivery system and 3 different amino cysteines. One for Shine, One for tensile strengthen and One that delivers the quaternaries into the hair so that you have an amazing canvas.

ER Fusion repairs you hair from the insideER Fusion provides you with a new "canvas" of hair that will

  • hold curl,
  • hair that will respond again and
  • hair that won't break.

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ER Fusion Intensive reconstructor (works INSIDE the hair)
ER Fusion Weightless feel
ER Fusion High gloss shine
ER Fusion with color enhancer's
ER Fusion Lasts up to 30 days following each treatment
ER Fusion Needs 20 minutes heat to activate
                 (after 20 min of heat, cool, rinse, add Porosity & styling aids - then style)
ER Fusion Skin Care delivery system
ER Fusion Holds moisture in so your hair won't frizz out

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follow ER Fusion -  Daily with Porosity the Fix (works on the outside of the hair) and
follow ER Fusion - Weekly with the Cure 24-7 (mends the outside and split ends)

Directions: Shampoo your hair and rinse, shampoo and rinse a second time, apply ER Fusion to your hair followed with a heat cap and heat for 20 minutes. Cool & rinse, add Porosity, Orchids Oil & Liquid Texture - then style


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