Best Deep Conditioning Treatment

The best deep conditioning treatmet depends on what you need. If you are in:

  1. Dire Straights -
    I totalled my hair! Its falling apart!Lanza Emergency Service Kit
    I need Outside-Help to hold this shredding hair together!
    If you have bleached & toned and permed your hair and your hair is now shredding apart you need the Lanza Emergncy Service to build a scaffolding around the outside of your hair and hold it together. - The Lanza Emergency Service is one we have wanted for years and it is finally here!

  2. Near Dire
    - my hair needs help inside of my hair - the outside is holding together fine -
  3. Breakage won't stop
    My hair seems to break and get little pieces of hair near the scalp.
    This is the place for your spray-on / leave-in conditioner like Color Lover Primer 11 and Color Lover 2-Phase. The Primer 11 is for folks who use a rinse out conditoner in the shower. You apply it befor you comb out your hair. The 2-Phase is designed for the fin-hair folks who refuse to condition in the shower for fear it mught "weigh my hair down." This light and detangling conditioner also offers thermal protection for thos who use hot irons.


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