Professional Back Massager

You can think of this a back massagers as you own, at home personal massager, hand held massager, neck massager, electric massager, body massager, hand massager, vibrator massager, vibrating massager, back and neck massager. This professional machine can now be yours to enjoy in the comfort of  your home.

Back Massager

Do you like the professional energizing shoulder, neck & back massage you receive after your barber cuts you hair?. The same  Stim-U-Lax® Personal Massager is now available to you and yours right here.

Stim-U-Lax® offers you a:

  1. Refreshing energizing barber shop massage - any time

  2. Powerful Universal Motor designed for heavy duty use & long life

  3. The Stim-U-Lax® special frame is designed to reduces fatigue, relax muscles & just plain feel good .

  4. Chrome housing & 100% ball bearing provides durability & high output

  5. no batteries - just plug in to your 120 volt AC outlet

Back Massager: this personal, hand held, electric massager is  the perfect vibrator massager and act as an all purpose back massage, neck massage and body massage machine. 

  Stim-U-Lax® Professional Back Massage ...$190.00 250.00

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