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I was watching the TV show Pawn Stars - they bought a similar chiar for $1500.00 with a broken seat that needed lots of work. They spent anothe 500 to have the broken seat fixed and re-covered - plus bought a head rest and had the thing re-chromed. These working chairs came out of a working barber shop. No work required. theystill sork well and look great. Arrangements for shipping is your resopnsability. Of course when you get them or the one you want - you can have them made into any color of upholstery that matches your location and needs. The Show then priced the chair at over $3000.00.



Pix of Chair #1

     1- Antique Barber Chair#1 with head rest $1600.00
        1- Antique Barber Chair#2 with head rest+ manicure tray + manicure bowl + ashtray 1800.00 
        1- Antique Barber Chair#3   $1500.00 





front view with head rest

barber chair left


Barber Chair left

Barber Chair Right

barber chair back

barber cjaor reclined  
Barber Chair #2
Barber Chair 2 Front Barber Chair #2 with manicure tray + manicure bowl on right and ash-tray on left
barber chair 2 left
barber chair 2 back  
>barber cjaor 2 reclined  
barber cjaor

Barber Chair # 3  

barber chair  
barber chair
barber chair
barber chair
barber chair
barber chair

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1950 koken

antique barber chairs for sale
1950 koken
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