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Pureology Shampoo, Pureology Hair Care, Pureology Hair Products, Pureology Volume:
Pureology - for longer lasting hair color. Guaranteed!

PureOlogy Luxury NanoWorks Hair Masquenanoworks luxury hair masque
Nanoworks Hair Masque

This is the ultimate anti-aging treatment to revive restore, strengthen. soothe and smoothe your hair! This decadent masque contians powerful ingredients including antioxidant  fruit synthesis of acai berry, pomegranate and blueberry to penetrate deeply and offer repair where it is needed most.

A luxury treatment. The next step after NanoWorks Restorative Hair Treatment

Shampoo hair , rinse & repeat
Apply NanoWorks Hair Masque leave 5 minutes rinse


NanoWorks Hair Masque 5.2oz  $53.95   $ 60.00 (only 1 left)

Pureology Hydra Conditioner

PureOlogy HydraCure Pureology HydraCure Treatment
Hair Moisturizing Treatment

Effective moisturizing treatment: Take hydration to the next level & discover the secret to moisturized & replenished hair with HydraCure. This intensive moisture therapy masque luxuriously delivers deep hydration to quench hair's thirst. Special ingredients dramatically improve moisture content with excellent lubricity & shine. Simply rich.

If your hair craves moisture or, is over processed, likes to stick together and you can barely get a comb to go through it, Hydra Cure is for you! Improve comb-ability, easy to separate and lots of moisture! If you need to add protein (strength) try NanoWorks Restorative Hair Treatment

For moisture and comb ability
Shampoo hair (Hydrate Shampoo), rinse & repeat
Apply Hydra Cure leave in 3-5 minutes rinse


Sorry no longer available

Pureology NanoWorks

Pureology InstantRepair  a NanoWorks Leave-In Conditioner

PureOlogy   Nanoworks  InstantRepair
Leave-In Conditioner

more about Pureology Instant Repair NanoWorks

Now you can nourish your hair and work to repair damage. InstantRepair Leave-In Conditioner is a clear, weightless formula that works to build strength, detangle and add tremendous shine. When repair is essential, this extraordinary formula fortifies and reinforces color-treated hair, instantly delivering thermal protection and color-radiance. Excellent for all hair types. Includes PureOlogy's signature AntiFadeComplex and Anti-AgeComplex for keeping hair youthful, extraordinary. Glorious.
Absolutely brilliant.



Sorry! No Longer Available!

ShineLuxe - NanoWorks ShineLuxe by PureologyPureOlogy   Nanoworks  ShineLuxe

more about Pureology ShineLux NanoWorks

The luxury of exquisite, feather weight shine & color protection have arrived in NanoWorks ShineLuxe. Its extraordinary formula contains the nutrient power necessary to revitalize hair while taming flyaways, smoothing stray ends & encouraging long-lasting shine. Rejuvenates color vibrancy & brings radiance back to the surface. This ultimate finishing polish adds thermal & color protection along with incredible DryShine Technology.
Absolutely brilliant.

    2oz ShineLuxe  sorry no longer available

 .25oz ShineLuxe  Travel Size sorry no longer available


NanoWorks Shampoo PureologyPureOlogy   NanoWorks Shampoo
Enter a world of
Hair Care

The luxury of exquisite color care exists in the for of NanoWorks Shampoo and NanoWorks Condition, two gloriously rich extraordinary formulas that cater to the color-treated hair. Each contains exclusive ingredients that fight against the dull drying effects of age: work to rejuvenate a depth of color you thought had been lost: and feed hair the nutrients it needs, returning hair to a more youthful condition. Healthy, glowing, radiant, Revitalized.

Radiance, Vibrance, Brilliance
The Gold Standard in Luxury Shampoo

more about Pureology NanoWorks Shampoo

Hint: Reports say using NanoWorks shampoo and conditioner for the first week after a new color (then switching back to your regular Pureology Shampoo and conditioner)  will give you better longer lasting color results.

NANOWorks Luxury Shampoo (out of stock)

PureOlogy NanoWorks Conditioner

NanoWorks Conditioner Pureology Luxury
Color Care

Hint: Reports say using NanoWorks shampoo and conditioner for the first week after a new color (then switching back to your regular Pureology Shampoo and conditioner)  will give you better longer lasting color results.

NanoWorks Shampoo and NanoWorks Condition
Together, this system creates absolutely exquisite shine, pristine condition and glorious color radiance. Indulge your hair.
Nano Technology
Strengthens, repairs, conditions and protects.
Brightens, boosts color radiance and shine. Anti-Age Revitalize
The NanoWorks System contains anti-Age ingredients of green tea, sugar cane, citrus and wine extracts along with unique vegetable-source proteins and certified organic botanicals of mushroom mucor miehei, shitake and mannetake. These anti-age ingredients combine to strengthen hair while soothing the surface and revitalizing hair's core to create exquisite shine and incredible vibrancy. The result is more a youthful condition with maximum color radiance and brilliance.  

Radiance, Vibrance, Brilliance
The Gold Standard in Luxury Conditioner

more about Pureology NanoWorks Conditioner

NanoWorks Luxury Conditioner (out of stock)


PureOlogy NanoWorks
Restorative Hair Treatment
NanoWorks by PureOlogy

about NanoWorks
Restorative Hair Treatment

This is the finest most effective restorative treatment on the market today! Guarenteed to dramatically improve hair condition, strengthen, restore and rejuvenate color treated hair to its optimum, virgin-like condition. The innovative formula is comprised of PureOlogy's technologically advanced ingredients, including Nano Technology, AntiFadeComplex and proprietary Anti-Aging Complex, containing vegetable proteins, powerful antioxidants, wine extracts, green tea and exotic butters. Nanoworks truly is the ultimate treatment for damaged hair on the market ... and we can prove it on any hair texture or type of hair!

Try Me NanoWorks Intro Special!

Sorry! No Longer Available

PureOlogy  NanoWax moldable matt texture

Micro Fiber reinforced resin polymers allow flexible & moldability for structure, shaping and serious hold.

Certified-Organic Botanicals of 3 Types of Mushrooms (Mannentake, Shitake, Mucor Miehel) Provides high quality protein. Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant rich, soothing

  Sorry! No Longer Available!  

PureOlogy  NanoGlaze boost color radiance

Strengthens, repairs and protects while boosting color radiance. Provides thermal and color protection & excellent slip for no-drag blow styling. Dries up to 35% faster

Excellent for sensitive scalp and skin.

 6.7oz NanoGlaze  $25.95    32.80

 6-.25oz NanoGlaze  Travel Size Foil Packets sorry no longer available


PureOlogy  GlossingMist Shine Spray

Finish with the radiant shine of GLOSSING MIST Shine Spray. An essential finishing styler for unparalleled shine and color intensity. Shine-reflecting ingredients repair, increase brilliance and protect. Ultra-fine, lightweight mist delivers humidity resistant shine for long lasting, frizz-free style.


 Sorry! No Longer Available! Try Paul Brown Hawaii Shine Amplifier or Pink Up Spray Gloss  

Dry Shine by PureOlogy PureOlogy Dry Shine

Take control with NEW DryShine Styler for Pureology.     
Read-It Dry Shine

 2oz Dry Shine   out of stock

Sorry! No Longer Available!

PureOlogy Thickening-Masque Pureology Thickening Masque

Thickening Masque
A Daily Spa Treatment

The BEST Present a Girl with fine hair could ask for!
4 step plan for VOLUME

  • For those who never thought thick hair possible, Pureology introduces ThickeningMasque, a daily spa treatment.

  • Amazing  New Self-Heating Formula reacts with water to deliver soothing therapeutic heat to hair & scalp. Nano emulsion technology penetrates the hair shaft to strengthen & protect. AntiFadeComplex™  maximizes color retention with potent antioxidants and full spectrum UVA/UVB sunscreens.

  • ThickeningMasque's unique formula is comprised of highly refined volcanic ash, which is deposited in and on the hair shaft to add thick texture to fine, thin hair. Hair is left remarkably fuller & stronger with thick texture you never thought possible. The hair of your dreams is now a reality --  all while preserving & protecting your color.

 Read-It ThickeningMasque Sorry no longer available --->>      Try  Paul Brown Thermal Ash Masque


Pureology Shampoo

Pureology Hydrate Shampoo

Cleanses, hydrates and nourishes without color stripping sulfates
 Read-It Hydrate Shampoo

Sorry! No Longer Available!

Order pumps now, they're just  too expensive to ship separately


Purify Shampoo

Clarifying treatment rinses away the dulling residue that prevents Colour from lasting.
Read-It Purify Shampoo

Sorry! No Longer Available!

Order pumps now, they're just  too expensive to ship separately


PureOlogy   SuperStraight ShampooSuper Straight Shampoo

ZeroSulfate, salr-free, color-preserving formula abolishes frizz & restores manageability.

SuperStraight Shampoo

Sorry! No Longer Available!            Straight is Sexy, SuperStraight is:

Pureology Volume ShampooPureOlogy   Volume Shampoo

PureOlogy   Pure Volume Shampoo


Break-through technology Volumizes, adds moisture and seals in hair colour.
Read-It Volume Shampoo
4 step plan for VOLUME

Sorry! No Longer Available!

Pureology Hydrate ConditionerPureOlogy  Hydrate conditioner


Multi-weight proteins add moisture, brilliance & body to parched hair.
Read-It Hydrate Conditioner

Sorry! No Longer Available!

PureOlogy ReConstruct Repair

Pureology Reconstruct Repair Conditioner

Proud winner of Women's Health & Fitness Magazines
2006 Best Buy Awards Best Conditioner

for color Treated Hair is
ReconstrructRepair by Pureology.

2 minute fixer upper with, mega weight proteins, to repair damaged hair
(no heat required)
Read-It ReConstruct Repair

ReConstruct Repair      8.5oz    $26.95 33.00 
Pureology Reconstruct Repair Travel Size - 2oz - $7.70


Order pumps now, they're just  too expensive to ship separately


PureOlogy   SuperStraight Conditioner

Super Straight Conditioner

Transforms unruly tresses to super smooth, soft, detangled and amazingly shiny

SuperStraight Conditioner

SuperStraight Conditioner ...1- 10.1oz      $21.95  28.60
SuperStraight Conditioner ...1- 2oz Travel Size    $6.60  7.70

  Pureology Pump 33.8oz   $3.26
      Straight is Sexy SuperStraight is:

Pureology Volume ConditionerPureOlogy Volume Conditioner

PureOlogy   Pure Volume Conditioner


Seals in color, adds moisture & magnifies hair’s thickness for max body & dazzling shine.
Read-It Volume Conditioner

Sorry! No Longer Available!

PureOlogy  Colour Max (a Bodifying Detangler)ColorMax by Pureology


Spray-on conditioner tackles tangles, leaves hair smooth and manageable &
Shields hair from environmental elements that cause color to fade.
Read-It Color Max

2oz COLOURMAX Travel Size ......sorry no longer available

PureOlogy   HoldFast

Hard Hold flexible molding gel puts hair in place& locks in firm support with superior hard hold theat never ever flakes!   Spike it mold it even use it on morning after hair to look great fast!

Sorry! No Longer Available! 

More about HoldFast, Pureology Hold Fast Hard Gel

PureOlogy   RealCurl

Light weight style-enhancing creme defines natural shape & spring for irrestible smooth curls that shine!

Sorry! No Longer Available! Try Alterna Life Curl Shape Activator or Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream

PureOlogy   ShineMaxPureology Shine Max

Turn fiizzz to Fabulous with the ultimate smoother.
Delivers long-lasting lubricity & velvety shine!
Read-It ShineMax

Sorry! No Longer Available!


PureOlogy   Power Dressing Pureology Power Dressing



Triple resin formula with mica provides unequaled hold & brilliance.     
Read-It Power Dressing

sorry no longer available

PureVolume  BlowDry Amplifier

PureOlogy Pure Volume


Lightweight vloumizers are activated with heat to penetrate deep in to the hair.

Delivers maximum volume with moisture.     

Protective color shield forms to protect against fadeage & maximize color retention

Read-It Pure Volume


 2oz     Pure Volume Travel Size

  Prueology Spray Gel

PureOlogy   Spray Gel

Non-stick resins provide weightless support, control and shine.

Alcohol free.   AntiFadeComplex for maximum color retention

Maximizes thermal protection.

Read-It Spray Gel

Sorry! No Longer Available

PureOlogy   Styling Lotion Pureology Styling Lotion

Non-stick resins provide weightless support, control and shine.

Alcohol free.   AntiFadeComplex for maximum color retention

Maximizes thermal protection.


Read-It Styling Lotion


        7oz Styling Lotion  ......sorry no longer available

PureOlogy   SuperStraight Serum  

Advanced new Multiweight Silicones plus Certified Botanicals! Pureologys breakthrough serum gives you exSuper Straightn Serum Original packageingceptional straightening capabilities. Exclusive Anti Fade complex leaves hair strong &Super Straight Serum healthy with incredible thermal protection and long-lasting color.

Smaller silicone molecules relax curl from deep within the hair shaft, while repairing and strengthening. Heavier silicone molecules smooth & straighten hair's outer surface to seal in color and add shine.

Botanicals such as white tea, seaweed, avacado lipids, and powerful antioxidants - including Heliogenol (sunflower seed cake), plus sunscreens, form a natural barrier against damage from heat and UVA/UVB rays, keeping hair color vibrant.
Read-It Pureology Super Straight


    Straight is Sexy, SuperStraight is:

Sorry! No Longer Available!

PureOlogy  Texture Twist Pureology Texture Twist



Hot new way to redefine, redesign & give hair great new moves.
Read-It Pureology Texture Twist

Sorry! No Longer Available!

Pureology Root Lift Mousse

PureOlogy  Root Lift  (Spray On Mousse)

Light spray mousse gives hair a mega-boost with maximum volume.
Read-It Pureology Root Lift




Sorry! No Longer Available!



Pureology In Charge Hairspray

PureOlogy  In Charge (Hairspray)


Breakthrough humidity-resisting formula provides flexible natural hold with shine.
Read-It In Charge Hairspray


Sorry! No Longer Available!


PureOlogy  In Charge Plus (Hairspray)

Pureology In Charge Hairspray

Breakthrough humidity-resisting formula provides flexible natural hold with shine.
With a PLUS in the hold!
Read-It In Charge Hairspray


      2oz In Charge PLUS (Purse / Travel Size hairspray) sorry no longer available

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