Lange 5% Panthenol TreatmentLange PANTHENOL Treatment 5%:

(As it Relates to Skin Care)


Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B-5), when applied to hair, is utilizes by the body as Pantothenic Acid (Vitamin B-5).

Panthenol penetrates ALL layers of the skin, down through the dermal layer, and is converted to Panthenic Acid.

Pantothenic Acid is necessary for healthy skin. If there is a deficiency in Pantothenic Acid, skin lesions appear, skin becomes excessively dry and flakey, skin is susceptible to infection & irritation, skin loses its ability to heal rapidly.

When skin is damaged its demand for Pantothenic Acid id increased.

Topically-applied Panthenol to the affected area is utilized by the skin to a greater degree the internally taken Pantolthenic Acid.

Panthenol will help heal problem skin. Acne, eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis will be soothed, cleared & controlled. Diaper rash will be soothed and cleared.

Panthenol is a natural moisturizer of skin. Panthenol balances the moisture level of the skin. When used in conjunction with Lange skin care products. Panthenol aids in the penetration of our other high quality, high percentage ingredients.

Lange uses Panthenol in a 2% strength in the majority of its skin care products. This percentage will aid in the penetration of our ingredients and maintains the health of the skin.

DIRECTIONS: After cleansing skin with appropriate Lange cleanser, mist Lange 5% Panthenol treatment on skin. Follow with any other Lange skin care product.

When using Glycolic Acid regime, follow directions with the glycolic acid regime.