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Langé Conditioner

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Some benefits as Elastin Shampoo - ideal for fine, fragile, damaged and chemically-treated hair



Elastin PROTEIN PAK - individual foil packetsELASTIN PROTEIN PAK:

Lange ELASITN PROTEIN PAKELASTIN PROTEIN PAK: Langé #1 Hair Care Best Seller!  This comes as no surprise to those who have seen the performance of this Conditioning / Treatment product on hair that could only be termed "hopeless." Perhaps a customer comes into the salon who has given herself a "home perm" - with disastrous results. NO Problem! Elastin Protein Pak Will save the day - and her hair! Try it on the worst head of hair imaginable -- fried, dry, frizzy, dull, limp, lusterless. There is no other product that we know of that can achieve such outstanding transformations. Keeps hair shaft from exploding when subjected to high alkaline pH - elastin restores elasticity - collagen repairs structural damage and stops breakage - panthenol delivers moisture to hair - will not over-proteinize hair

 PANTHENOL CONDITIONING RINSE: Lange Panthenol Conditioning Rinse


2% Panthenol restores hair's moisture, shine and manageability Helps repair split ends
Detangles and conditions
Will not build up or coat hair
Will not "limp out" hair
Will not produce or contribute to scalp oiliness
Will not "over-soften" or produce “fly-away" hair
May be finger-combed through towel-dried hair and left in



Lange's Panthenol Protein Conditioning Rinse for Dehydrated Damaged Hair may be recognized by the teal green stripe at the bottom of the bottle.


Lange 5%Panthenol TreatmentLange  5% PANTHENOL TREATMENT

We call this our "royal" treatment because of its many benefits for hair and skin. When topically applied to hair and skin, Panthenol is immediately transformed into vitamin B5. It has been proven. that Panthenol penetrates the hair and skin.

 Hair Care


Skin Care

  1. Soothing to burns, whether chemical, thermal or solar
  2. Non-toxic and non-sensitizing
  3. Normalizes, stabilizes and balances the skin

Studies have shown Panthenol's success helping various skin disorders (acne, allergic dermatitis, dermatitis, cutaneous ulcers, burns, cracks, etc.) Helps stop burning sensation from perms, bleaches, etc.





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