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dry hair
Dry Hair Causes
home remedies for dry brittle hair Prevention
home remedies for dry brittle hair Treatment
dry damaged hair Symptoms
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home remedies for dry hair
home remedies dry hair
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Tea Tree Oil for dry hair scalp & skin

Some symptoms of dry damaged hair are:

  • Lack of shine
  • Rough texture
  • Unmanageable
  • Lifeless
  • Dull

Dry Hair Causes

The environmental conditions that can cause dry hair are:

  • Sun exposure
  • Combing and Brushing
  • Minerals in the water used to wash hair
  • Steaming your hair by sing a curling iron when it is damp or wet
  • Wind exposure

Oxidizing chemicals that can cause dry hair are:

  • Chlorine in tap water used to wash hair
  • Perm chemicals (neutralizer)
  • Peroxide Color developer
  • Bleach
  • Chlorine in pools and spas
  • Relaxer chemicals

Tips to improve your dry damaged brittle hair:
Home Remedies for Dry Brittle Hair Prevention

  1. Don't over color. Single-process color should only be done once a month and highlights only need to be done every two to three months
  2. Use NanoWorks  at the bowl right after coloring, wait 24 hours then condition dry hair using a deep-conditioning treatment with heat
  3. Use a shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair to protect the color and keep hair looking healthy
  4. Use a detangling leave-in  (leave-on) conditioner to protect the hair and prevent damage by making it easier to comb through the hair.
  5. Be sure you hair is dry before using your curling iron or flat iron. Dry your hair, wait 3 minutes and test for dampness using your fingers. If it feels damp or cold dry your hair again. If you see steam when you use curling iron or flat iron, STOP and re-dry your hair because there is still too much water inside the hair shaft. The water turns to instant-steam and the instant-steam damages the hair.

If you color your hair darker (back to where you started) expect that your hair will still feel dry.  The cause probably isn't the color of your hair it is the condition of the hair. Color on color always goes darker and when you add more pigment inside the hair shaft it can still feel dry. The newly added pigment jammed inside the hair shaft may even make the hair feel a little dryer (less bendy) while the color may have improved the condition of your hair. See home remedies for dry brittle hair Treatment.

To keep hair shiny-looking all day, use a shine-enhancing finishing product.

Home Remedies for Dry Brittle Hair Treatment
Conditioner Dry Hair
Home remedies dry hair : In our experience if you are making it a home all the molecules are too big to get inside your hair. The best home remedies are ones you can buy already made and use at home. What you buy it you are paying for the manufacturer to break down the big molecules into a small enough size so your hair can use them ... see Nano Technology

Conditioner for dry hair Pureology NanoWorks Treatment

Conditioner for dry hair Deep Conditioner Revive ...  from Options
Conditioner for dry hair Deep Conditioner Heat Cap for home use ... from EC Mode
Tea Tree Oil for dry hair scalp & skin

How to repair dry brittle hair and split ends Split Ends Repair ... by Alterna

Emergency hair repair treatment Energent-C .. .  by EC Mode

Hair styles and tips for fine dry hair:

TIP #1    If you have fine hair and you want VOLUME In your hair, you first want to use the Lanza Ultimate Treatment for Volume ... honestly You can have VOLUME ... just click the link to get the system that works! works on all hair types, colored, bleached, permed, or all natural.

TIP #2 Get a realistic hairstyle! Length equals weight. The longer you wear your hair the more it weighs and the flatter it wants to be to your head. Don't expect a shoulder length bob to be full at the part. Shorter fine hair that is "slide cut"  into today's styles can be fun as well as quick and easy to do every day.

TIP #3 Sometimes you need a little help putting finishing touches on your hair. Try using your hairspray. If it drys too fast to be of much help try ABBA AirFrame A product designed with fine hair finishing in mind.

TIP #4 If you have double processed (bleached) hair and  minerals in your water you need help. Try EC Mode Just for Well Water System. See why on the Well Water Treatment Systems (Hard Water) page.

In general minerals and calcium bond to hair giving it a "dry hair" feeling. When you color your hair, some of the color is deposited to the minerals / calcium, not just the hair. When you remove the minerals from the hair you will remove some of the color (the color that has stuck to the minerals). This is more noticeable with the red hair colors.


It is not that the Well Water action Shampoo removes color as it is that it removes mineral deposits that some of the color has stuck to. This effect lessen each time you use the Well Water Action line.


For bleached hair, the effect is to take the weight off the hair, as the minerals and calcium leave the hair. Some describe the result as "Leaves the hair softer", "fly away"  Etc. Etc.


Our experience is that the bleach hair will be lighter in color and  in weight and dries faster ( the minerals are no longer there to hold onto the water)  and feels better. That's right when you get the minerals out your Dry Hair won't feel so dry. Mineral and calcium also weigh the hair down and makes its condition  look worse than it really is. So your bleached  hair may be in better condition than you think ! 


The best shampoo for hard water hair: Malibu 2000 Well Water Action Shampoo.

The best way to remove minerals from dry brittle hair is to: 

  • use EC Mode Malibu Make Over Treatment for color and Blonds

  • this treatment requires heat in the form of a heat cap or dryer (not a blow dryer)

  • if you are seeing a lot of build up in your hair consider a water softener 4 your home

  • follow up at least once a week with Well Water Action Shampoo & Conditioner

  • the Just 4 Well Water Kit has a 9oz shampoo and 9oz conditioner - PLUS a 9oz Quick-In Demineralizer and Well Water treatment packets so you can do a mini maintenance Malibu Makeover treatment weekly right in the shower!


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Dry Hair

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